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how to aquire licenses for your private security company

1. Article and Memorandum of Association.
2. Income tax certificate.
3. Business registration certificate.
4. Social Security Certificate.
5. Name of the company.
6. Number of staff to start with
7. Bank Account (Healthy).
8. Nationality (Gambian ID/ Card or Aliens ID/ Card.
9. Sample of uniform to be used
10. Cliental (prospective clientele).
11. Source of income.
12. Certificate of character.
13. National Education levy fund if the turn over is half a million and and above
14. Payroll (Expatriate tax for non Gambian residents, employees/ shareholders.
15. At least 50% of shareholders should be Gambians.
16. Fifty Thousand Dalasis (D50, 000) annual license fees

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About The Gambia

The Gambia (West Africa) is a small country with an area of 4,000 square miles or 10,295 sq. km and has its capital at Banjul.

It is surrounded on all its borders by Senegal except on the Atlantic Ocean coast.

The nation is located at the most western edge of the continent.

It is the smallest country on main land Africa.

At one time or another in history it was a part of the great Empires of West Africa.

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